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Johann Sebastian Bach



Johann Sebastian Bach
Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, 2005

Soloists: Peter Schreier, Bernd Weikl, Mitsuko Shirai
Orchestra, Chorus: Hamburg Ballett, St.-Michaelis-Orchester, St.- Michaelis-Chor
Conductor: Günther Jena
Choreographer: John Neumeier

“I am both Christian and a Dancer” John Sebastian Bach‘s Matthew Passion has deeply moved me. Bach‘s musical incarnation of the Passion in both its general and personal aspects created the need in me to find a choreographic equivalent. I am both Christ and a dancer. My whole life, all my thought and feeling are the dance, and choreography is my real language. That is why I have attempted to express my own religious convictions and experiences in choreographic terms and to organize them in artistic form. In my entire career as a choreographer, I have never known a period in which I enjoyed such complete harmony with the dancers, as I have enjoyed throughout the creation of the St. Matthew Passion. It was a period of learning from one another, of experiencing instinctively together the emotion of text and music, of positive cooperation and concentration. Even if this ballet had never got beyond rehearsals and had never been performed, the process of its creation will remain the most profound experience of my working life. John Neumeier
Label: Arthaus Musik

Genre: 3sat Edition

Running Time: 207

Picture Format: 16:9

Disc Format: NTSC

Sound Format: PCM Stereo

Number of Discs: 3

Region: 0

Languages: DE

Catalogue No.:


UPC: 807280905199

ISBN: 978-3-86923-118-1

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